XPERTON LLC is a dynamic and hard-working consulting firm based in Midwest USA that brings to organizations experience, skills, and methodology they need for better performance, availability, and security of their IT applications, databases, and operations.


Established in 2011 XPERTON LLC is continuously earning respect of our clients by meeting and exceeding their expectations. Since the beginning, our main goal is still the same – to bring reliable and scalable technology solutions tailored to client’s need and budget.

Our organization has a solid foundation of creating and supporting competitive and robust solutions for our clients. We achieve this highest level of service through:



Starting from onboarding through all steps of engagement we use proven approach which allows our skilled consultants more efficiently apply their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our clients. This transparent, RACI based framework helps to stay focused, deliver as planned with measurable results, and improve IT ROI


XPERTON listens carefully and executes flawlesslyto deliver business value to all of our clients. We simply do what we say we are going to do, no excuses. Our philosophy is to treat every customer as our only customer. When we take responsibility for the assignment, our goal is to become your long term partner and trusted advisor.


Our strength is in our delivery team. We have the ability to deliver right solution on time and on budget. When you apply XPERTON customer centric philosophy, deep technical experience, proper approach to your business needs, it is an unbeatable combination that consistently delivers results for you.

It Starts with a Conversation


Please contact us to arrange a no obligation consultation to discuss your specific needs and concerns. We'll map out a proposed approach that would address your needs and provide both mid- and long-term value.


Services that boost your business

Performance & Problem Management
  • Identify systems bottlenecks
  • Stabilize performance
  • Provide RCA (root cause analysis)
  • Recommend short and long term solutions
  • Implement recommended solutions
  • Provide knowledge transfer to client IT

Proactive Monitoring & Operational Excellence
  • Monitor workload and throughput
  • Identify bottlenecks and points of contention
  • Understand patterns and enable proactive monitoring
  • Manage system and DBMS resource usage
  • Identify and automate repetitive tasks

Cloud & Colocation Strategy
  • Outline benefits, considerations, and trade-offs
  • Provide a decision framework for cloud migration
  • Identify cloud implementation resources
  • Define activities, roles and responsibilities for adoption
  • Design, architect, and manage migration

DB Support & Continuous Improvement
  • Reduce cost of in-house DBA
  • Assure Performance, Availability and Recoverability
  • Avoid overburdening current staff
  • Mitigate workload peaks
  • Fill possible skill gaps with full team expertise

IT DR Assessments & Testing
  • Identify your DR responsibilities
  • Outline recovery objectives
  • Evaluate or Develop your DRP
  • Test and document your DRP
  • Analyze and review results

Projects Enablement
  • Elastic inflatable team when you need it
  • Complete transparency and communication
  • Knowledgebase transfer
  • Onboarding process
  • Partnering with your team

Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Get data from multiple sources into landing area
  • Build technical platform for extracting data using ETL
  • Assist in creating Data Marts for each pillar
  • Build reports using delivered data and data marts

IT-as-a-Service for SMBs
  • Create Strategy and build IT operations
  • Implement Disaster Recovery plan
  • Enable industry required Security and Compliance
  • Provide knowledge transfer to client IT
  • Perform ongoing support by Xperton