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Health Insurance Company Improving Cost Efficiency through DB Server Consolidation

XPERTON helped a leading Health Insurance Company reduce their licensing and hardware cost by 25% through SQL Server Consolidation

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The Client

A leading health insurance company utilizing MS SQL Server as a major DBMS to support backend processing for their customer facing and company internal business critical systems. With the number of software applications constantly increasing, the company found that the count of SQL Server Instances reached extremely high levels and subsequently increased licensing and infrastructure costs.

The Problem

Company was spending too much on SQL Server licenses and underlying hardware. Also, increasing numbers of SQL Server instances were adding complexity to environment and negatively impacting ability to deliver new projects in a timely manner. 

Company wanted to reduce their costs, reduce complexity of environment, improve agility and manageability, and be able to deliver new projects in a nimbler cost-effective manner.

However, they realized the risks. Consolidation, if not meticulously designed, can lead to performance issues, security holes and even service disruption.

The Solution

XPERTON first studied technical architecture and instrumented diagnostics to measure load. Based on the collected data, we thoroughly analyzed the candidate SQL Server instances and databases in all aspects including performance, resource utilization, security, high availability, scalability, etc. Having results of this analysis allowed us to plan consolidation that assured stability and performance for the consolidated databases along with saving costs.

Second phase was the actual consolidation using the defined strategy and plan. Project was delivered by unified team of XPERTON and company technical resources and brought additional benefit of enhanced performance monitoring and capacity management.  

The Results

Customer achieved annual six-figure cost-savings, reduced server footprint, increased HA and up-time, improved productivity, and enhanced customer service by accelerating time to market. 

ROI for this initiative was 145% with payback in 6 months and significant cost savings.

At a glance


Insurance and Finance


Need to reduce licensing and infrastructure costs, improve HA and scalability, and manage environment in a more nimble and cost-effective manner.


Strategy & Optimization

Monitoring & Forecasting

DB Cost Governance



ROI 145% with payback in 6 months and annual six-figure cost-savings. Increased HA and up-time, improved productivity, enhanced customer service.

Solve Business Problem With Best Expertise, Right Technology, And Proven Process.

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